This page contains links to booksellers both new and secondhand. I have either purchased books from them or checked out their prices and terms, some therefore carry a stronger recommendation. Also included on this page are links to libraries to help find the book that you are looking for. Check out the last link the WWW Virtual library.

Used to be Justbooks but now much better after linking up with of British Columbia, Canada. So far I have found the affiliated bookshops excellent. Highly recommended
bullet Amazon
Worth checking the prices. Buying from the USA can be better than from the UK operation if you don't mind the wait.

This site claims to search 50 online bookstores in the US and UK. Excellent site for a quick transatlantic price comparison. Enter the title etc below and click to search.

bullet Bibliofind - secondhand books
The best place to start if you are looking for a secondhand books particularly from the USA. I highly recommend it. Now part of Amazon.
bullet Blackwell's (see Heffer's)
bullet BookBrain
searches 14 UK internet booksellers for the best price, will pick up all the mainstream suppliers.
bullet British library
Does that book actually exist? Find it here.
bullet Exeter University library search OPAC
bullet Heffers of Cambridge
Used to be one of my favourite booksellers, although now part of Blackwells, sorry to say my experience has not been good. Still waiting for some books.....
bullet Politico's
A good place to find the politics book you are looking for. Plus useful links.
bullet Powells
This is where you are most likely to find that secondhand book - the difficulty is that its in Oregon. In my experience delivery was prompt without any problem. Prompt service. Recommended.
bullet Strand Books
The largest bookshop in New York - 8 miles of books they claim! Excellent service.
bullet StudentBookworld.Com
Good prices and a very efficient service, got the book I ordered in two days.
bullet Student Books
Site for students to buy and sell books. At present it has a limited choice until more widely used.
New service that is very fast with delivery and excellent prices.
bullet Waterstones
Now joined with Amazon for internet buying
bullet WWW Virtual Library
Started by Tim Berners-Lee the creator of html and the web now run by volunteers. This link is to the UK mirror site. Labour history, Women's History, Economic and business history, Labour History News, Labour History Journals.


Old fashioned bookshops

bulletThe Bookshop, 441 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 4AN Tel:061 445 4345
for a good selection of socialist second hand books

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