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Welcome to the British Labour History web site. The objective of the site is to encourage and disseminate research primarily on the local activity of the British Labour Party the principal political voice of the working classes during the twentieth century.




The words to the Red Flag were written in 1889 by Jim Connell and were inspired by the London Dock Strike. More about the Red Flag.




Michael Foot 1913-2010


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Online Articles     bullet

Alternatives to appeasement: The British Labour Party in the 1930's by Edward C. Wilkinson Jr. bullet

Spinning History: Labour and its Centenary by Roger Spalding bullet

Working-class Politics in Plymouth, c.1890-1920 by Mary Hilson bullet

Red Clydeside, An Examination of Working Class Politics and Activity in Lanarkshire, 1910-22 by Ross Clark


  Back in time bullet Land and Freedom
Tony Goslings site that traces the birth of English capitalism to the 'Rump' parliament.
bullet Levellers selected works
Read for yourself the works of early English radicalism.
bullet The Diggers
Website about Gerrard Winstanley leader of the movement.
bullet The Levellers
Overview of the subject and extracts from the pamphlets published by the Levellers.

Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum



"Labour's Early Days" by George Shepherd the third National Agent and published in 1950 by N.C.L.C.
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